Sunday, 9 April 2017

The Picnic

I could never understand
The logic of eating “en plein air”
A habit for which I had no care

My little heart would fall
When each event was planned and
Preparations made and put in hand

All but me were so excited
As hampers filled with food and drink
And even Dad would nod and wink

The trip was hell as discomfort reigned
Brother and sister jumped and played
In the car as I sat dismayed

And when we found the spot to sit
Far from home and comfort’s bliss
I would more and more my teddy miss

Parents sat and children scattered
But soon this changed as did the weather
As ants attacked and wasps did gather

Our food was clearly the attraction
As crawling emmets were pulverized
And wasps were flicked away from eyes

The clouds that up to now had taunted
Now let loose their fury wild
And Mum was no longer mild

With hasty packing we left the field of dreams
And turned my day from a nightmare
To head for home without one care

And when that night with Teddy tucked
Picnics I prayed from me please keep
and slept that night in blissful sleep

This poem is an oldie of mine from 2012 that deserved an airing. PS: Emmets are ants

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  1. Ha ha... teddy trumps ants and wasps of course!!!!

  2. Oh, I'm so with you! Never could see the attraction, either, just the many discomforts. I'd sooner have been lying on my bed with a book.

  3. But the ants! They rejoiced, I bet!

  4. I can certainly see this boy (I'm pretty sure he was my brother, lol).

    Wonderful images, Robin. And by the end, I am with him... wishing for a good night sleep with my teddy. :-)

  5. This brought to mind a few picnics I've been on. I think I enjoy them more as an adult, a bottle of wine and fresh bread and cheese.

  6. This brings back memories of the good old days....I guess I forgot about the annoyance of ants! Smiles.

  7. How many memories this perfect narrative stirred for me!!! The food and its discomforts also interrupted the swimming and climbing rocks and walking trails that were the attractions of the places we picnicked. And we had to "rest" for an hour after eating before swimming again. Teddy-like things waited for me safely in the car--my place of refuge if it was parked near our "spot." Thank you.

  8. This is cute and sometimes true. It seems to every delightful outing there is the other side of the coin, with ants and accident befalls the picnic.

  9. This conjured up memories of so many picnics, so many parks, so many vacations. Thank you!

  10. I love this look at picnics from the small child's viewpoint. LOL. Nothing like home and teddy after all that!

  11. Ha, I love this - so clever and filled with humor. Made me smile! :)

  12. It always seems a better idea than it actually is...brought back memories.

  13. This brings back so many memories! Beautifully penned.

  14. Love the memories as much I loved picnics (I did) - the only times I din't enjoy the yummy food was if we picnicked at the beach, resulting in sandy sarnies.
    Had to google emmets - and now I know!
    Anna :o]

  15. Oh this definitely deserved an airing. It is so cute and lovely. I did like picnics. My grandmother's food seemed to taste even better when outdoors.

  16. I'm not one who likes to eat outdoors either, so I find great delight in reading your poem.

  17. Insects: the inherent bug-a-boo of every picnic ever held. A delightful piece, Robin.

  18. The teddy line was my favorite. :)

  19. One just cannot understand the logic of creating all the bother to be harassed and later hurrying home all exhausted. Very true Robin.


  20. It's never as bad remembered as it is living through it. Lol!

  21. Wow, I really enjoyed your poem, it took me back to my childhood.............Parents sat and children scattered
    But soon this changed as did the weather
    As ants attacked and wasps did gather.

  22. ha ha I remember picnics and the squishness of the crowded car but you've certainly described a few trips that you have as a kid.