Saturday, 8 April 2017

Boys night out

Cheers he said throwing the beer can
A stupid grin on his wan face
Giving vent to unknown anger
Not wanting to undo his past
And with no thought for tomorrow

The lads night had been ruined
As he couldn't handle his booze
The single line of youths walked on
Hoping the next bar would let them in
Perhaps cut them a bit of slack

They went in pairs but no luck there
But one of them got a carton
So we all went down to the beach
To sit by the sand and the surf
Larking with the pebbles and shells

It's Jim's wedding day tomorrow
Let's hope he remembers who to
Looking all trim for the next day
Strapping lad is Jim; she's beaut too
At least I've got the ring for them

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  1. ... hopefully the real thing not a ring-pull off a beer can!

    Another day in Amble Bay!

  2. Vibrant scene and good use of the words,