Saturday, 1 April 2017

Who cares?

Your sweet brown eyes they urge me on
With a primal urge to kiss you
I confess I just have no shame
For as soon as I am near you
Be it in town or the garden
Even while walking on the beach
Whichever place we happen to be
Who cares whether 'tis love or lust
If I never get past first base
But I'll follow you to the moon
Or rise to the stars in the sky
To reach you, for you are perfect

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  1. Lust or love? That might always be the question,


  2. That primal urge has been a great motivator for many!!

  3. She's sounds quite a catch! Just don't miss when she flies back down to earth again!

  4. Ah, the dilemma of lust and love. Good one, Robin!