Sunday, 23 April 2017

The Wait

I waited long my lovely
On that summer's night
All neat and smart and longing
For your presence to light
My fire, my passion
And promise you my life

I waited long my princess
As the air turned chill
My plans went all asunder
And much against my will
Wept some tears of doubt
That you would be my wife

I waited what seemed like ever
The gifts I held seemed poor
Could  lose my precious who
To me meant so much more
Sadly I left that place
And trod my way back home

You didn't ring to tell me why
Or even write a letter
I lost you on that summer's eve
To a boy who was surely better
But as the past is past
I think I'll ring young Cindy

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This poem was originally written in 2010


  1. Waiting is bad enough at any age ;)

  2. Okay, he lost while waiting.
    But, Cindy gets to win his affection & gifts now :)

  3. The last line suggests that life goes on..after all that heartbreak!

  4. This has a ring of sadness in the loss, but then at the end it seems there are other possibilities that await. Smiles.

  5. Such a beautifully wistful write, Robin!❤️

  6. Ah, that first lost love is so hurtful. Sounds like Cindy might be the winner, however.

  7. I love what your poem says about relationships (even the ones that don't turn out so well). I especially love the ending, what it promises.

  8. The resiliency of youth. This takes me back to those years when it was all so intense.

  9. Waiting is always the hard part. Lovely!

  10. As your poem suggests, time heals and there are always other possibilities,


  11. There are tests to patience in courtships. Very real in many instances!


  12. When one door closes.....!

  13. Ok. So I thought it was a sad, love yearning poem, but that last line made me chuckle.

  14. Life is definitely embracing the moment, Robin. Even if fate is against our wishes.

  15. Oh, I do love that ending – and after you drew me right into the sob story, too. LOL

  16. It made me think of the intensity of young love, both mine and seeing it in the young ones in my life.