Saturday, 29 April 2017

Life's spiral

What a spiral life is
With all its ups and downs
Now twisting and turning
Sometimes settled in love
Content with idleness
Happy singing with joy
Now itching for success
With wish lists a mile long
Running out of control

Running out of control
Prayers to all the saints
Then running out of steam
Or bored out of one's brain
With a chip on one's shoulder
Itching to do so much more
For life is just like that
Complex as tatting lace

But to sum it all up
Enjoy it while you can

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  1. Just hold on tight and enjoy the ride! Well, April's Challenge is over and normal sevice is resumed!

    It's farewell to Amble Bay!

  2. Words slotted in with total comprehensiveness, economy, and a valuable message.

  3. This is my first time meeting the analogy of Life as Tatting Lace; splendid write

    Wishing you a lovely month of May and inviting you to link to Monday WRites

    much love...

  4. glorious expressions!
    with excellent ending thought,amazing !