Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Sand through my fingers

Little did I think playing on the beach
A child many years before
Those sand castles, moats and dams that I built 
Were mountains in days of yore

As the sea washed over my little toes
I knew not what came before
That my ancestors had crawled up on this beach
A new place to live they saw

For as I hopped and skipped without a thought
As I grew each year by year
We had once feared wild beasts and birds around
Pets now that I hold dear

Did they stay close or forsake Mother Sea?
To find a safe place to hide
Live in a cave or construct a wood hut
Safe from predators abide

Mankind has struggled many years thus far
Now to reach this point in time
But found it best to fight in bloody wars
And to trash this Earth sublime

As the sand through my fingers now does run
A tear runs down my face
This paradise in which we once lived
Has been made hell in its place

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  1. But found it best to fight in bloody wars
    And to trash this Earth sublime.. so true Robin, we are making hell out of heaven.

  2. A deeply thoughtful poem ... a reminder of our careless abuse of the beauty around us.

  3. Wow. There is anger in this poem. Rightfully so. You wrote something here that is very meaningful and true.

  4. A thoughtful poem on a timely topic. Luckily, Earth is resilient and will thrive despite the damage done by mankind. Thank you for visiting my blog, Magic of Words.

  5. We are clearing land, we are degrading land, ....we introduce feral animals and take the top predators out, we are changing the marine ecosystem---it's a death by a thousand cuts!! We are such ruthless species!!
    What you say is too true... and I hate it to be so true...! :(
    Beautifully written, Robin!

    1. I echo this comment. With the polar caps melting, there can be no turning back.We are lucky to have known the beauty of our world which has already changed drastically for the worse. Future generations will not have our experience. So sad and what a wonderful poem.

  6. how sad that this has happened

  7. Humans have a nasty habit of turning heaven into hell.

  8. Oh, wow. Now you've drawn out my tears, too. I love the conjecture throughout time that brought you from the genetic seeds to this moment. Powerful piece.

  9. How poignant, the thought of the little boy playing in the sand and the man, with the years running fast through his took me back to playing on the shore in childhood, Robin. And you know how I agree with you about the message in this poem. I love this one. One of your best, my friend.

  10. Clear message, Robin. This is a sad, beautiful, truthful poem.
    Your last stanza is outstanding.

  11. A moving and spot-on depiction of how this paradise has been made hell. Brilliant write, Robin!

  12. Such a moving and deeply contemplative poem, Robin!

  13. Such depth in your poem and so much pain.
    Meticulously penned reality...

  14. Yes, sad indeed. As Rall says, we are lucky to have known a more beautiful earth. I have been an environmentalist all my life, but evidently there were not enough of us, or not highly enough placed.

  15. With Earth Day just a few days behind us, i can well understand your contemplation and remorse

    Yes, humankind must do better

    much love...