Wednesday, 5 April 2017

My favorite month

Ah! April's fresh and breezy smile
So leave my umbrella behind
I'd rather be kissed by spring's rain

The sun peeps in and out of sight
Clouds chase across the morning sky
Like a horse with a flowing mane

Anxious people they now look up
As raindrops fall they scurry on
And water washes down the drain

I smile as eagle soars above
Blown blossom now catches my eye
Train's gleeful whistle on the plain

Farmers busy ploughing their fields
Fat cattle mooing in the byre
Horse in paddock flicks his mane

April is my favorite month
It tells me that I am alive
And now I'm rid of winter's pain

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  1. You capture the joy of April's changes in every verse! Winter ends and brings such hope.

  2. I envy your walk in the spring rain... we're at a boiling 36c!

  3. Robin, can I move to your idyllic place, which your poem describes? Am so tired of these dark gray skies, in southern Ontario.

  4. I luv clouds and gotta luv how you describe them here today

    "Clouds chase across the morning sky
    Like a horse with a flowing mane"

    Have a good Wednesday

    much love...

  5. April in her full


  6. I agree leave the umbrella behind. Your poem reminds me of a distant time when society by and large centered on agriculture. I miss that simple world.

  7. Nice. I never thought about it, but I think April is my favorite month too. I smiled at your closing line.

  8. An uplifting poem. I like the 3rd line rhymes!

  9. I like your kind of April. The countryside sure is heartwarming and magnificent. Thank you.

  10. Ha, I really like April too. I need the feeling of rebirth that this month brings! We all need to experience that, don't you think?

  11. I LOVE this poem, it is so uplifting - just like April is when she finally arrives. Loved it, Robin.

  12. Harking back to your earlier years in Britain? This lovely, gentle April you describe is not ours Down Under!

    1. Sorry Rosemary, it was the poet talking not the Aussie of 51 years! Hope it is less wet there now with you.

  13. There are indeed, so many things to love about April. But mostly that feeling of being alive again, after a long winter. Very well capture!