Friday, 21 April 2017

The Fruit lady

Staring now out the window
Looking at the market place
A bustling scene below her
She shed just one tear

She remembered long ago
When standing by her fruit stall
Shouting out "Ripe Bananas"
For them all to hear

What a young girl she was then
Coaxing all the customers
To buy all their fruit from her
As she called them near

She polished fruit on her smock
As she waltzed around her stall
Welcoming every buyer
Always with good cheer

Then one stall holder noticed 
She wasn't in the window
Gone to her orchard in the sky
That was very clear

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  1. Things we do can be rudely interrupted by a finality prompted by ill-health, retirement or demise or just loss of interest. It was good when it lasted!


  2. But it sounds as if she enjoyed every moment before she left