Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The jokester

The stare was intense
His eyes decried his spirit
So haunted were they

Furrowed brow, dark looks
Beneath this gloomy facade
Was a funny man

Who can ever see
The person under the mask
What they really are?

So it was with Jim
Sullen, hardly said a word
What a jokester he

Even then his face
Didn't cracked even one smile
While we laughed out loud

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  1. the best funny man don't give away the punchline with their facial expressions. well put.

  2. Odd how we judge by facial expression and fail to see (or look) what lies beneath.

    An old work colleague had the most miserable face complete with upside down smile, and her dreary voice didn't help either. She was judged on this presentation and not liked because of it.

    Look beneath the surface and there was this wonderful soul, and I really really liked her.

    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  3. Even then his face
    Didn't cracked even one smile

    A seasoned funnyman will always appear serious in the face of laughter. That is class!