Saturday, 8 April 2017

Wind whistles sadly

The desert's waiting
It's in no hurry
You're welcome each day
If you come by chance
And quite unprepared
You'll probably stay

Beauty and quiet
The circle of life
But moisture is scant
Come without water
Your life may be short
With thirst you will pant

What is that stirring?
Some creatures out there
They're waiting for you
A circle of stones
Bones in the scrubland
All elbows and toes

Wind whistles sadly
Be wary at night
A picturesque scene
Like a mournful flute
Best hide at noontime
They know where you've been 

So hard to find shade
Distance deceptive
Could be farther off
What is that panting
A creature out there?
I've just heard him cough

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  1. I like the flow of these lines, which evokes the image of the wind.
    Thanks for visiting Nickers and Ink Poetry and Humor.
    Happy A-Z.