Wednesday, 12 April 2017

A lucky lad

I was such a lucky lad
Sometimes good and sometimes bad
Roving outside in the wood
Or back at home being good
Then I'd find a cosy nook
And put my nose in a book
Reading lasting in the night
The "Faraway Tree" a delight
But the best for many years
Was "Mary Plain" that brought me to tears

Library gave Mum a job
Great place to escape the mob
Where I wandered down each aisle
So became a bookophile
Before adult read "Cruel Sea"
Expanding my library
With rude words I should not look
Found Neville Shute's many books
"Pied Piper" to "Legacy"
Such sad tales of times relevancy

Books like these I did collect
They had such lasting effect
Classics from Greece and of Rome
Still fill a place in my home
I like Murikami now
And do give Jonasson a go
Living in a world of books
You kiss girls and wade in brooks
Knowingly live in a strange land
As you're equipped with novel in hand

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Information on books referred to:

Faraway Tree - by Enid Blyton
Mary Plain - by  Gwynedd Rae
Cruel Sea - By Nicholas Montserrat
Pied Piper, and Legacy - by Neville Shute
Haruki Murikami - wrote 'Norwegian Wood' and others
Jonas Jonasson - wrote 'The Girl who saved the King of Sweden' and others


  1. Scratch a poet, and you will find a lifelong lover of books and words. I enjoyed this, Robin. Thank you.

  2. Robin, as I look, at your note, am reminded of the book, "How Green Was My Valley" (1939), by Richard Llewellyn, which I read, as a kid, in that nothing was forbidden, to me, by my parents, that I could read, except horror. Am not a fan of that genre. My dad encouraged us, to read, and talk about what we were reading or had just finish reading.

  3. 'They had such lasting effect'...they do have that and sometimes they are so very powerful to change one's course of life...a lovely read...

  4. Enjoyed the poem....and you are really lucky to be around such an atmosphere. ...feeling jealous...:-D

  5. A world of nature and books – what better for a child? Or for any age!

  6. There are book people and there are the others.

  7. How well I remember being immersed in Gene Strattor Porter's "A Girl of the Limberlost". For me, there have always been books ... and words! Your poem is wonderful.

  8. With a novel in hand, I can go anywhere, and be anyone--and so can you!

  9. aw yes there is no better place than the library to transform your world

  10. Lucky are such lads who live wondrous lives with books :)