Friday, 7 April 2017

Recalling the past

Remembering all
The life from my young childhood
Recalling the past

Wading the river
Catching tiddlers in glass jars
Mum's face was aghast

Bright sunny morning
Racing our dog up the hill
He won, he's so fast

Then I broke my arm
Falling out of a tall tree
It's now in a cast

Spying young Sylvie
In the classroom one Spring day
So notes were then passed

But she broke my heart
As Jimmer Travers she chose
I was so downcast

Soon I was smiling
I met Jill at a party
So happy at last

Memories I have
Those days of childhood there still
As the years fly past

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  1. Nice piece. Funny and whimsical with a touch of tenderness. Excellent.

  2. You do a great deal of detailed recalling here!