Saturday, 8 October 2016

Young and foolish

When I was young and foolish
There were times I was in my cups
As beer and a whisky chaser
Did lead me to brawls and punch ups

No better was I when married
Friday nights with office mates I went
Now downing pints and even more
From pubs I suffered banishment

Luckily when kiddies came along
They put me on a straighter road
My liver sighed now with relief
To spend more time in our abode

Note 1.  In my cups means to be drunk
Note 2.  This is not autobiographical!

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  1. Nice ditty, but I wish it were autobiographical! :)

  2. For once I can say I am not in my cups! Thank you Old Egg and autobiographical or not let's hope all our livers are well...chin chin

  3. Isn't it awful that you deem it necessary to say that your poem is not autobiographical.So many readers think that everything one writes is autobiographical. (Yawn!)Like your rhyming couplets.

    1. It couldn't have been me I never drink out of a bottle!

  4. the biographical version would be far too shocking then! Totally agree about not drinking out of bottles - taste is all about employing two senses, one being smell. You've got me going on a pet subject of mine now! I#ll belt up!

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  5. This is from observation most seen even today! Now it is far worse as there are more outlets and credit card payments make it convenient!


  6. LOL! Thanks for the clarification!