Monday, 17 October 2016

Without You

                    I dream of that long ago past, but I shouldn't should I?
                      As those pictures of you seem to dance in my mind 
                          And spin before my crying eyes remembering
                             I now realize that you have now long gone
                                My life trampled on by sweet memories
                                  Your smile, your sparkling hazel eyes
                                    As translucent as a spring morning
                                      My eyes pan about to follow you
                                         You disappear from my sight
                                          Stun my senses into reality
                                           I travel with you no longer
                                             You took that trip alone
                                                Leaving left me with
                                                   Morbid thoughts
                                                    Troubled mind
                                                      Off the grid

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  1. The longing in this poem is do touching and tender.
    Is there a name for the poetry form Robin?

    Thank you for dropping by and linking to Monday WRites

    Much love...

    1. I am not sure Gillena. The form could fit many forms of poetry and the sadness implied here winds up with a realization that he is now truly alone.

  2. I can feel the quiet anguish of loss. I am not sure of the form, but the shape looks like a funnel. Your words channeling your thoughts of sadness.

  3. Most poignant take on many a common episode on losing a loved one. One suffers alone. A chic presentation form here, Robin!