Wednesday, 19 October 2016

I set the rules

Mumble of conversation
Listening at the door
Just what are they talking about?
I want to know the score

The cat did have it coming
Spitting at me like that
I barked and sent him running
It was our very first spat

He should know I set the rules
Fireside is mine alone
My growling set him running
Cat's now debarked from home

Master has gone to fetch him
He's on the garden shed
My chin's laid on Mum's warm lap
She gently strokes my head

The cat now makes his return
And glares at me with hate
Master says "Come you two
Behave and be good mates"

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  1. Hahaha! Oh yes! A gem of a poem!

  2. LOL.. what a warm and fuzzy evening by the fire...

  3. haha precious! i thoroughly enjoyed this Robin :)

  4. This is delightful!! ❤️ Love your response to the prompt!

  5. This is wonderful. I love the dog's point of view and can see the cat's injured air.Our dogs have always lived with cats, they all curl up together on the dog beds.

  6. You had fun writing this poem, I can tell.

  7. You really have said something very important about conversation! In a light-hearted way. But in this, there is truth.

  8. What a fun poem! You must have been smiling as you wrote.

  9. Adorable enjoyable poem I can see it happen We've got two cats
    who have a similar relationship as this cat and dog :)

  10. 😊 enjoyed this witty one
    Thanks for dropping by to read mine Robin

    Much love...

  11. Man's best friend, in my humble opinion, is deserving of this title, as in my experience, cats are all ego! Still, can't everyone just get along?


  12. Cats and dogs have a natural tendency to hate each other. Measure of good training if they are friends


  13. What a fun and charming poem Robin. I love the thought of a true conversation between a dog and cat. You nailed it puuurfectly! :-)

  14. This is fun. I like the dog's thoughts. He must have been ticked to hear that he needed to get along with Cat.

  15. That's a great take on theme, Robin. I enjoyed this one!