Sunday, 23 October 2016

Woodland Green

I like to wander in the wild
This I've down since I was child
Losing myself in woodland green
The forest wraps me up unseen

Sweet scented lover and a friend
She knows me for I don't offend
Her sights, her scents they are such bliss
I surrender to this passionate kiss

There's a dark pool and drifting stream
Buzzing insects complete this dream
Above the rooks are wheeling high
As scudding clouds drift in the sky

I hear now cheeping, it is the best
So count the chicks in hidden nest
Before the mother find me there
Lest she abandon it in fear

Now there's signs of twilight's gloom
And must away before night's perfume
Signals that I'm am not welcome here
For ancient ones ways I do fear

I hurry to the forest's edge
It's lighter here amongst the sedge
What adventure it is to roam
But still I'm glad to come back home

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  1. Woodland greens are special places to grow and play - i think they are only open to those invited in ;)

  2. We all need a woodland even if it is a bit creepy after dark!
    Nice one.

    Keith's Ramblngs is 10 today!

  3. You've got me wondering about those ancient ones ways. Very cryptic/mysterious... enjoy the rhyming flow of this one.