Thursday, 20 October 2016

Paddy the painter

Paddy was in a fix as his wife Liz was complaining about the outside painting once again as she expected him to do it himself to save money.

They had been in the house now for over thirty years and George had diligently done all the maintenance himself but now he was retired he thought it would be better if someone else did it for him.

"We can't afford it" Liz moaned so Paddy reluctantly agreed to do the work and as the weather was fine decided to do the gutters and downpipes and worry about the doors and windows later on.

He was very careful and took his time and spent a lot of time admiring the view over the next door neighbor's fence for they had a pool installed last year and the neighbors wife was having a swim each day.

So Paddy worked carefully at roof level each day and Liz came out to see how he was doing telling him she would make him a cup of tea.

"No hurry" Paddy called out I still have a lot to do up here and smiled as the neighbors wife waved to him from the pool.

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  1. Liz should be careful what shes wishing for.

  2. Liz should be careful what shes wishing for.

  3. Yeah, Zoe's right - careful what you wish for lest you get it. Suppose Paddy is just doing his best to make an unpleasant job pass more easily.

  4. neighbors wife waved
    to him from the pool.

    It is a friendly gesture none would want to miss


  5. As long as he didn't find himself getting behind in his work.

  6. Where there's a will, there's a way...or something like that. :-)

  7. Haha. Anything to make the job more pleasant.

  8. I suspect Liz is going to get suspicious when he remains at that portion of the gutters to ensure the perfect view of the pool! My father once painted the front and two sides of our house when I was young, leaving the back side for "later", which never happened despite my mother's complaints, and we eventually moved.

  9. Not sure where his thoughts were going, but I suspect it wasn't on painting. . .