Sunday, 9 October 2016

Leaving London

She stood there waiting
A small packed case at her side
Now leaving London

Orphan in wartime
Flower wilted by war's woe
Fleeing to safety

Father still working
Ma, sis and brindled dog
Gobbled up by bombs

Everyone agreed
Evacuate kids from London
To a better life

Torn from all they knew
Now hearing such strange tongues
No time for regrets

Kids shipped far away
Fleeting hopes now disappear
Many broken hearts

This precious cargo
Kept safe from wartime danger
But just to what cost?

In Great Britain during WW2 thousands of families were split up to ensure the safety of the children as the untargeted or blanket bombing of London was meant to frighten the population and force the government to submit to enemy control. Only when Britain had regained control of the air were the families reunited but sadly some never were.

The strange tongues referred to are the many different accents encountered in England and Wales unlike Londoner's cockney one.

Image of children waiting to board trains found at


  1. It's hard to imagine a mass evacuation of children today. You raise an interesting dilemma - is it safer to be in a dangerous situation with people you love or in a safer place with people who may not even like you or want you there - you really took us into the picture and the scenario..

  2. I couldn't imagine to be separated from my kid when he was small. Good writing, Old Egg :)

  3. Very touching post, very well put. The photo speaks to me as well. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. War-time tragedy and sufferings were not just at the front! The modern-day reference perhaps now is to preempt collateral damage afflicting women and children. Such a pity on family life especially happening during their formative years