Wednesday, 5 October 2016

On a distant planet

We love to gaze at the stars imagining worlds like ours so many million miles away but do you think that someone out there looks on us too?

Do they see this beautiful world and envy us our rich oceans teeming with life, our land covered with forests green and fertile land that produces all we need being watered by a sky filled with moisture?

They could see our sun just close enough to keep us warm and sustain us all so encourage the procreation of every living thing; what happier place could there be than this?

Or do they see oceans being clogged with chemicals and waste killing the living things that not only share our world but feed us too?

And do they see the forests felled and pollution from our greedy ways contaminating both the land, sea and the air we breathe as well as melting ice caps, homeless animals and species lost?

I can see them shake their heads in horror as the people on this earth will not stop fighting and killing each other and the world they live in and so tell their children "Yes, you can go there once the species called mankind is wiped out, only then will that planet be worth visiting".

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  1. I can see the possibility of this being real. And, someone being told..."Yes, you can go there once the species called mankind is wiped out, only then will that planet be worth visiting". Wonderful story and great take on the prompt.

  2. Nah, there's no one out there.

  3. Any intelligent species out there have proven their intelligence by not coming here.

  4. Beautifully written, Old Egg in a reality that is not any stretch of the imagination. The vastness of space holds many unknowns.

  5. We certainly do have a great blessing and responsibility in living on this earth.

  6. Interesting question. The world has both wonderful and horrible things going on in it.

  7. A sad but all to true tale, Old Egg. Earth is the only home we have and we are destroying it and destroying each other. Mindless, heartless... yet I pray not hopeless, there is still time to learn! Powerful writing, makes us think!

  8. Nice Six*
    Maybe they (imagined race of non-earthborn life) are just waiting, to see if we cannot rise above our drive to expand the race. I believe it happens to most species where the drive to reproduce goes to far, eventually there is a die-off and the balance (to their part of the ecosystem) is restored. We humans just do it on a grander scale.

    * in a depressing (all the more so for the non-deniability of the attitudes ascribed to the human race).

  9. As Calvin & Hobbes said, the surest sign life out there is intelligent is that none of it has come to visit us.

    Nice Six. :-)

  10. It gets frighteningly real and too close for comfort! But strangely enough the world keeps getting at each other's throats to enhance the destruction process much faster! Great observation Robin! Wonder if the Martians want to land here after that!