Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Bel and the Dragon

She now caught my eye
As wind whipped her auburn hair
So I smiled at her

She, now embarrassed 
Stared back cheeks colouring up
Just for me alone

Lowering her eyes
She couldn't hide a small smile
As I waved to her

Those beguiling eyes 
Shone like stars in heaven
So I approached her

"Forgive me" I said
"The wind has chosen you today
I'm a bystander"

"No man is neutral
Their minds do not think that way
Back to Mars you go"

"And you to Venus?
Surely it's why we're here on earth 
To meet each other?

"Where do you suggest?
The Queen's Arms, I would expect?
As she smiled wryly

"That's hardly neutral
We must feel comfortable
On this our first date

I really liked her
So went to one that fit best
"Bel and the Dragon"

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  1. Very neutral did that date go I wonder :)

  2. Haha! So clever! And timely, now that "royalty" have shown what they think all men are like. I love how you mythified those realistic tropes familiarfrom your poetry.

  3. This is absolutely brilliant!! Lovely take on the prompt, Robin ❤️

  4. ""No man is neutral
    Their minds do not think that way
    Back to Mars you go""

    This stanza made me smile

    much love...

  5. haha I like he he said that the wind has chosen her, playing with her hair and how she say that No man is neutral You might be right lol

  6. Really love this conversation and the resolution! Going to "Bel and the Dragon" is definitely a caring thing! Smiles.

  7. Objectivity. Should we ponder what the object was? ;-)

  8. The ends justifies the means in a good way. Yes, why not!


  9. This made me smile. I love that the wind chose her, you, the bystander.

  10. Great pub choice---and definitely not neutral!

  11. Mars and Venus, so hard to stay neutral in this case!


  12. I had to smile with the last stanza, Robin! Good one.