Wednesday, 12 October 2016

That loving cup

Money through my fingers slipped
So foolish my youthful ways
The sun came up each morning
I wasted away my days

Drink lubricated my life
Laughter echoed in my ear
Girls they came and they did go
But not one to hold that dear

Until she did come along
Whose eyes shone like the stars
But just shook her head at me 
She was Venus I was Mars

Persisting, she gave a nod
What fool I'd been that's for sure
And just how could I have missed
Seeing such beauty before

We found that we were a match
What rich world now opened up
Filled my mind as ne'er before
So we drank that loving cup

What wealth of love did we find
As I lay there on her breast
We're married now, what fine day
Sure our love will stand the test

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  1. Perhaps redemption is about believing in ourselves as well as embracing the heart of another - not that i am an expert on such things.. i am glad this is where the story led..

  2. Anyone who finds everlasting love is very lucky indeed!

  3. what a cup of wealth is lucky love; thanks for sharing Robin

    much love...

  4. Awesome. Love poems make me get swoony about my wife. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. "What rich world now opened up" in love! Perhaps this is a lesson for all of us. Lovely, lovely poem.

  6. Gosh! This is soo romantic!! ❤️ Love is our greatest wealth no doubt ❤️ Beautifully expressed.

    Lots of love,

  7. How lovely that you got to drink that loving cup!

  8. A gorgeous poem What is greater wealth than everlasting love.

  9. Sure our love will stand the test

    Yes, the 'test of time' That is what everlasting love should overcome and aspire for!


  10. A fine ending to this poem, and to a life: together!

  11. And that is the core of most Romance novels. I should know. I've studied them extensively. :)

    I skipped 3WW this week due to a timing problem - ie. overtime at work.

  12. That is indeed true wealth, Robin!