Thursday, 23 July 2015

The country cottage

We had just moved house into a country cottage to retire because it had beautiful views.

Downsizing meant we had a few pieces that wouldn't fit so we took a look at the old attic for a temporary storage place.

It was bare except for an old trunk shoved under the eaves shrouded with cobwebs.

My wife was delighted hoping to find treasures or secrets from the previous owners.

After some difficulty I managed to get the lid open to reveal its contents.

My wife screamed and then I realized that moving was not a good idea after all.

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  1. Cold chills! I like that.

  2. EWWWWW.... I have goose bumps! Not what I expected... you start a story like this and expect a bit of nostalgia in there... this was fun! I got caught off guard!

  3. Yikes Old Egg! You've successfully conjured up all sorts of creepy possibilities in my mind that would easily be met with screams. I'm thinking this would have been a great time to pack up and run! Great story with a wonderful twist!

  4. Oh dear. And here I was thinking it would be empty and boring, which is always what happens to me when I come across an old box or trunk.

  5. Oh, my...we have to use our imagination to see what is in the trunk!

  6. Love it! I can conger up all sorts of things that could be in that trunk. Very different from the trunk on my story.