Saturday, 18 July 2015

The breeze blew in

She led me astray
That is my excuse
The way she smiled at me
Which she knew by instinct
Would crack my armour
I reached over to her
To touch her soft face
That she tilted at an angle
Away from me teasing
She was so beautiful
It was then that I came to
I had been dreaming
I was alone in bed
The breeze blew in
Ruffling the curtains
Dampening my spirit
I crawled from the covers
Staggered to the window
It was not yet quite dawn
Birds cheeped quietly
In the nearby trees
Anticipating the day
Not hampered by loss
As I now surely was
Having taken a bruising
Remembering the words
It is much easier 
To catch cold 
Than true love

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  1. Wistful. Sad. And, finally, true.

  2. Very sad. I hope it's not true.

  3. Yes - true love is much harder to catch than a cold..maybe that's what makes it special

  4. This is very sad indeed, Old Egg. Well written, though.