Saturday, 18 July 2015

Her girls night out

We're off to the park
It was our outing each week
Open space and fresh air

We made up stories
Walking along and chatting
Of the others there

There were some running
Even exercising their dogs
We were arm in arm

This one's a boxer
She said as we passed a man
Just look at his fists

I pictured the gloves
Being knocked to the canvas
And my purple eyes

Well what about her?
Of the woman by the bin
I asked in reply

She's a bag lady
Hoisting the used cans to sell
To buy her next drink

Our walk nearly done
Headlights shone in the suburbs
Lighting up her face

Do they talk of us?
Of course, she laughed, don't you know 
I've been abducted

You won't let me go
You are big and I'm so small
My face white with fear

She's so beautiful
I'll ring when we can next meet
She kissed me goodnight

Now back in the car
I drove her home to tell Paul
Of her girls night out

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  1. The ninth verse really titles this on its i am left curious about the dialogue..about this 'abduction' and friend...we all tell stories i suppose..i wonder who was the story teller..hmm..nice puzzle to start the day!

    1. Sadly they are both having an happens.

  2. wonderful poem - subtle and yet oh so vivid images

  3. Like this story because people watching is so fun and also because you've added an unexpected twist!!

  4. love this story ... such a fascinating way to pass an afternoon.

  5. A master of storytelling in verse.
    The purple bruised eye a sad 'tell' of one reality.

    Thank you for your kind words for my post on the prompt.
    We can have fun when we explore imaginary scenes.
    This one had no basis of fact other than umbrellas are needed in one place more than others ;)

  6. Amazing the tales we can tell about people we don't even know! This is a delightful read, Old Egg.