Saturday, 4 July 2015

It's so quiet here

Granny May was tired
She sat in her small garden
In her old deckchair

Drifting off to sleep
Tinkling laughter awoke her
Grandchildren had arrived

The girls kissed her cheeks
Daughter Jill said she'd make tea
Sue searched for the cat

It's so quiet here
Said the oldest granddaughter
Sssh! Listen, said Gran

Can you hear the bees?
They're in the snapdragons
Buzzing as they work

And there's a blackbird
How beautifully he sings
He's happy today

What do you hear now?
The little girl shook her head
That's just a sprinkler

It's the man next door
Watering his vegetables
He gives some to me

The tea was brought out
Jill had brought them cakes to eat
Birds watched from the fence

May threw them some crumbs
They dived twittering away
Soon they came up close

When the cake was gone
They still stayed to give their thanks
Until a dog barked

It's beautiful here
Can I come and live with you?
The eldest one said

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  1. Is it a dream or real...whichever i think i would like to settle there in the quiet sounds like a good place to soothe the soul (also love the clever way you use names each week)

  2. I could so picture the scene whether real or in a dream. A beautiful thing to read as I sit among my flowers on this glorious summer's afternoon.

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