Wednesday, 29 July 2015

I have to be me

Silent she looked down
Checking her red fingernails
At his proposal

He was not handsome
Nor did he have a good job
He was just eager

Her nails were no help
He smiled hopefully at her
Waiting for acceptance

Was this her escape
From her cruel family home
For better or worse

At her suggestion
She should meet his mum and dad
He shook his head hard

This was no marriage
That was made in the heavens 
Just jailbirds fleeing

She made up her mind
Said let me think about it
Then left home next day

Better to be free
She mused on the long coach trip
I have to be me


  1. Eh probably for the better because I can't imagine that marriage lasting. Especially if it is a consolation prize. And if you can not be yourself.

  2. I thought this was quite brilliant specially the third stanza where she is looking at her red nails.. hoping to get out of the situation. Excellent write :D

  3. "I have to be me" this sometimes leads one to a better way and some to worse...

  4. Question is does running let allow someone to be free and themselves...sometimes miles alone do not fix what stops us being what and who we are..

  5. I liked the way you have sketched the character of the lady in this poem. A brilliant piece, indeed :)

  6. Probably a very wise decision on her part. Marriage might have been a real disaster!

  7. Well, this is an interesting response to the prompt. I especially liked her seeking an answer in her nails......then taking off on the bus. Likely a good move!

  8. She choose freedom. Not a bad decision in the setting 'fleeing prison'

    Have a good Wednesday

    Much love...

  9. Yikes - some escapes are only temporary, and then they turn into heck!

  10. I see the escape at the end as the beginning of her escape, not the end. She is just beginning to learn the value of 'being me'. Great story!

  11. you do have to find yourself before you can find happiness another. Great lesson Robin!

  12. 'I have to be me'. I think that's one of the only things that truly can set you free. Takes some time to learn that lesson though :)

  13. It would be nice if most could be someone else (nicer:)

  14. That is one way to leave, better than a bad marriage.

  15. Good luck to her. I hope she hasn't internalized prisons in her mind. You something sad, that is unfortunately true for many. Good story!

  16. Yes, best to be free of him and family that is crushing her ~ Hope it works out for her ~

  17. "He was just eager

    Her nails were no help"

    I love this pairing of lines, the way the first flows into the next.

  18. Very spectacular twist in the story, oldegg! Great!


  19. Yes, self-acceptance must come first.