Sunday, 5 July 2015

My nowhere woman

It's all in my head
Between that roaring silence
And her calm still voice

The misty eyes spoke
The beginning and beyond
Told me everything

I'm not of this world
But have a place in your heart
We've spoken before

My nowhere woman
Sage, lover, spiritual guide
This muse walks with me

Of all the people
Why do you choose me my friend?
Who but you my love?

Write, write on again
Write of the trees, the mountains
And the restless sea

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  1. She sounds like a wise muse - care to trade in for a meddlesome little girl in a blue frock? Beautifully written Old Egg...a whisper in the ear like the sea

  2. Agree with Jae. Beautifully written and goes very well with a Debussy Quartet I'm listening to at the moment. Hang on to this muse she is inspiring some very good poems:)

  3. Wow ... this is beautiful ... a love letter to one's muse a spiritual encounter a wonderful poem ... Bravo!

  4. She sounds like the muse we all search for. Is there such a thing as a muse dating site?

    Visit Keith's Ramblings!

  5. Your words pull me in and soothe me. There is yearning and satisfaction in this piece.

  6. It is all in our heads....but what wonderful words we put together, what dreams we tell. I enjoyed it so much...loved the ending, 'write of the trees, the mountains, and the restless sea.'

  7. Thank you for the words :)

    Sage is a wonderful name for a muse.

    I turned the word list into a flash fiction:

  8. Oh, I love the romanticism in this and that ending is stellar :-)

  9. Super! This imparts a dreamy feeling.

  10. She sounds inspiring and rather wonderful.

  11. I love the floating feeling of this poem. The painting you chose is perfect.