Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Ripening Grain

Ripening grain waved
In the summer heat
A crow's call splintered the silence
Our dog crawled into the shade
To gnaw his bone in peace
The clay soil cracked open
As if gasping for air
And I thought of you
What a powerful attraction
Of you just lying there in bed
Collapsed, contented, smiling
Quilt thrown on the floor
The way you said my name
My heart quickens at the thought
I think of escaping this work
Of rushing back home
To be there at your side
And touching you again

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  1. Ah yes.. I see the power of love shining brightly through this beautiful poem.
    Beautifully executed :D

  2. Whew! When you speak of this power, your poem fairly bursts with energy. This is my new favorite.

    1. My new favourite've excelled yourself with this one !

  3. has that magnetic power..a sweet power poem :)

  4. Powerful sensuality you have written here. I like how you set the tone and then wow. That's the power of love

  5. The fields of grain made me think of DH Lawrence - except you condensed the desire more succinctly...he however took 500 pages at least!

  6. Grain. sun, passion, desire, love all captured in the feelings of intimacy. Nicely done.

  7. The power of love is so beautifully reflected in your poetry. Loved reading it! Extremely well written!

  8. What a lovely and poignant make us see her contented smile, feel your urgency of rushing home to see her again........Sigh.

  9. Oh, you really excell when you write romantic poetry. This is beautiful, powerful. I love it!

  10. What powerful images of contentment you build here. Great work!

  11. old fashioned romance, there is nothing like it. This reminds me of a time when people, couples, connected, they touched, they felt there, were sensations not just fingers hitting keys on a phone. This has imagery, not just words to give a thought but create actual images, they're digestible they are dessert.

  12. warm and alive Robin and a powerful light that can never be extinguished.

  13. Kind of reminds me of the song "The Farmers Daughter"....delightful.

  14. I know it's winter where you are, but this has all the heat of summer.

  15. Oh yes..that's the power of love!! Fantastic lines.....:)

  16. That would be a powerful memory to overcome.

  17. You'd end up with something besides grain ripening.

  18. estatic, luv the contrasts you used in this piece

    i posted my Power poem late this week its at

    much love...