Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Lessons from my dog

A curious idea is unity
To solve all mankind's ills
Which we are surely dearth
In the most diverse creature
To inhabit our small earth

Dogs befriend their own kind
Always sniffing to check
But liking all white brown or black
Yet we have a strange habit
Of cautiously holding back

Their bark is understood
They join in a throng
In north, south, east and west
To know everyone better
Liking each other the best

But hatred is our way
Others speech a turn off
Yuk! The food that they eat
Just look at their color
Those, I care not to greet

I pat the dog at my side
He looks back kindly at me
I have taught him a lot
But I have learned nothing
Clearly clever I'm not

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  1. I thought this was lovely indeed.. dogs are lovable and faithful companions and stay with us through thick and thin.. a true form of unity :D

    Beautifully executed :D

  2. Sniffing butts would be a small price to pay for worldwide peace and unity.

    Teasing. Kinda!

  3. Animal intelligence is far more spontaneous and honest - i think that there is definitely something to be admired and lauded in that...

  4. Yes life is one long learning process and that makes it forever interesting.

  5. It's an absolute truth...humans are just that...sigh...

  6. I think it takes training to create bias. Otherwise why would nature accept so readily not only another of their kind but other species? I watch nature in our forest - no fighting just big and small getting along.

  7. This is a very apt contrast of the kind doggy heart and the human's fearful one. Loved it, Robin!

  8. This is so perfect and beautiful. We can learn how to love selflessly from a dog. We humans are always full of complaints.

  9. the learning happens but its about facing our humanness in comparison to our environment

    such a brilliant poem

    much love...

  10. That's a great lesson from your dog. Very well-penned. :-)
    I like the tone of your poem. It's sometimes like that of a nursery rhyme, particularly in the last stanza.

  11. I always wonder why my dogs follow me into the bathroom, then look at me as if they are trying to read my mind! ;-)

  12. This is fantastic but I would have to argue you have learn a lot. Great write! Cheers!

  13. Yes, there is much to be learnt about unity, loyalty and unguardedness from our faithful friends. Great work!

  14. Yes acceptance is a great step, funny how some animals get it and others don't.

  15. Animals are our teachers....we have much to learn from them.

  16. Ha. I definitely have an affinity for animals. I want to get a pups for my boys, I am just waiting on the right one to come along. I think growing up with animals kids can learn so much of unconditional love and caring for another that has nothing to give you but its love.

  17. So much to savor, appreciate and learn from our K9 friends....strange how WE don't understand simple norms. I loved this, Robin...

  18. Dogs are good company....cats are better !

  19. Ha, my dogs don't like all of their own kind! Sigh. I don't think they are any different than humans in that regard. We all have our preferences. Smiles!