Saturday, 18 July 2015

Playful Whispers

The time had now come
I heard the playful whispers
Seasons were changing again
Leaves fell sadly to the ground
Autumn winds whistled a warning
First they teased then tormented
Preparing us for winter's might
Her long lonely frigid nights
The raven surely knew
He strutted cockily in the stubble

The sun was ashamed
For she barely showed her face
There was no warmth in her pale smile
Left to fend for ourselves
Our work was harder still
So much to do so short of time
Stubborn tools and reluctant earth
Cleaved to our bidding
As winter grasped us in her fist
Then sprinkled us with cold snow

Just when all hope was lost
I was greeted by a visitor
One bright morning 'twas a Robin
On my doorstep so cocky
Tilting his head, full of news
He tweeted that spring was here
I tossed some crumbs down for him
Soon he was joined by others
Heralding this joyful day
Rejoicing in nature's constancy

Note: This is an example of Pathetic poetry which uses human feelings and attributes for the natural world.

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  1. Nature does go along her merry way, churning through the seasons while we struggle to adapt each time!

  2. ..the raven surely knew. They look into my window in the morning, tilt there head and fly away. Caw at odd hours of the day - they really don't miss much. Love the photo too.

  3. i like the personifications here and admire how the little bird compels winter to loosen her grip...beautiful photo :)

  4. ahhh...spring. one mention and I go all feathery. I like spring. mix it with nature and voila! a good comforting poem like this! good job!

  5. Thank you for the literary postscript..this works beautifully - and Robins always bring good cheer and constancy..

  6. This is so beautiful... calming and serene.. what a deep & profound write!

  7. Hope is there, if we look. Nice reminder. Thank you.

  8. well, the form may be called pathetic, but your poem wasn't so. :)

    the arrival, the helplessness through and the happiness after winter was quite lovely to read. :) nice one!

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  9. Seasons change, even our seasons of toil. Without the work there is no harvest and when that comes, we can definitely appreciate th hard work. I might have to try writing a pathetic poem.

  10. Interesting form here! Never heard the term 'pathetic poem' before. And, oh, always so wonderful when one sees the first robin of the season....telling his 'news.'

  11. somewhere - sometime this year - your voice exploded in full throated song - I enjoy reading everything you write

  12. Excellent job on this, my friend. Reminds me of days back on the farm.

  13. Perhaps the robin thought you are missing the spring celebration. Enjoyed this take on the coming spring, Robin.

    My first to hear about Pathetic poetry too..

  14. nature has remedies for all our emotional problems.sometimes its a robin, sometimes a nightingale.

  15. Thank heavens for that sprightly little bird who arrives with the springtime. I enjoyed this poem, Robin.

  16. luv the circles of season, and the icons of constancy. This is a lovely narrative, i could read and listen to read aloud
    have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  17. Such imaginative phrases to describe each season and a Robin...a perfect herald to spring when the world is warmed in colors.

  18. I don't think this was pathetic at all :) I actually think nature & animals have feelings, too, and you described them beautifully.

    1. P.S. Now you made me look up pathetic poetry ... because I was curious about this poetic device ... and "pathetic" is not meant to be derogatory ... many famous writers use this technique ... I just learned something new, thanks! :)

  19. What a beautiful anthem to nature.

    My diversified Whirligig was aimed at the insanity that removed a historical flag this past week. A little tongue in cheek that missed it's mark I guess.

    Thanks for visiting.

  20. well penned from the voice of a feathered friend

    gracias for sharing this and hope at this time winter is still far away

  21. A fun poem. The robin is a great sign of spring.

  22. Wonderful writing. I enjoyed this piece very much.

  23. You tell good stories in your poems!

  24. The idea of the sun feeling shame is so very powerful...