Sunday, 12 July 2015

It's over of course

I bathe in my sweet dreams
In the deep waters of your heart
Drifting, wrapped in your arms
On the day before we did part

In that shady arbor
We would loll together in bliss
Loving fingers entwined
Eager to seize just one last kiss

I lost you of course
A shattering blow to my pride
What cruel wrathful spirit 
Now prances with glee by your side?

Dialing your number fails
You've been as quiet as a mouse
No posts are sent to me
Who's parking their car at your house?

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  1. I'd move onto a more exciting street..that cul-de-sac looks quite dull..dreams are far more enjoyable...

  2. ...somebody with very good taste in motors! Time to move on methinks.

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  3. But you still haven't quite gotten over her, have you? Otherwise, you wouldn't care about the car parked in front of her house!

    Twice-Told Tales

  4. It does make you's her loss, not yours.

  5. I like what you did with the photo and words. And that it could go with any voice - you leave us with a few possibilities; is the writer obsessing, spying on the lost love. Or was it a chance 'pass by' since they might still live in the same neighborhood. A bit reminiscent of the loss of a teenage crush.

    Well done.

    Thanks for visiting 'Rumors' - I shall have to create a page for the series on my fiction site. You are kind to want 'more'. I hope to do at least the eight more.

    I know I've stalled a few series. I shall have to try and get back to or conclude them in some way. But it has been fun to drift a bit this summer.

  6. You're always such a great storyteller :-)

  7. Nicely done ... a very lucid story, I enjoyed reading it very much! Bastet