Saturday, 1 November 2014

The girl with the secret eyes

I remember you
The girl with the secret eyes
and the winsome smile

We never walked out
nor did we kiss in moonlight
but I so loved you

I knew where you lived
and often walked down your street
hoping to see you

I thought of you there
with the birdbaths and windchimes
waiting on the porch

You were never there
I wanted to kiss your lips
and touch your fingers

Just where are you now?
Do say you remember me
I still dream of you

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  1. That porch is beautiful...i can almost hear it across the miles...

  2. Very sweet haiku, and makes me wonder how many young men or women still harbor a yearning for someone who never knew they were there.

  3. Sweet bitter love, which we think of,

  4. It's sweet, especially with bird baths and wind chimes, but also a little stalkerish with the line about knowing where she lived.

    1. When the poem first came to mind I envisioned a schoolboy crush but nothing sinister.

  5. I love "the girl with the secret eyes".