Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The girl with the gossamer wings

What a gift you were
When I met you last Christmas
What magic it was

We both flew so high
Girl with the gossamer wings                                                                              
Such heavenly bliss

Such love does not last
Now I’ve plummeted to earth
Taking the big fall

Your words not unkind
Did not point to the future
Devastated me

What was my fault?
My feet always on the ground
Now love lies buried

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  1. What a beautiful picture to accompany our poem. Lovely.

  2. what a sad love story you tell with your words

  3. Sad, but at least there was the flight.

  4. Earthlings and heavenly beings rarely mix up.

  5. when you fly too high the fall hurts more....but don't stop..always reach for the girls with gossamer wings..they sound exciting

  6. A pretty lass like in the pic is hard to please! They'll find their own kind! Great write oldegg!

  7. 'My feet always on the ground' ~ you just said, this is the fault....maybe in this case ... :)