Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Swimming against the tide

I have always been
One who swims against the tide
Who listens to the other side

Just who these days
Thinks they know all there is to know?
For there’s much more room to grow

In these dark days of ours
I may not be all that bright
But I am searching for the light

So you will not see me
Idly drifting down the stream
My way is to follow every dream 

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  1. stand on what you believed in. i liked how you give life to "independence". at the end of the day, you will shine the brightest :)

  2. Like your persistence to follow 'every dream'~ The outcome should be unique and good one for the evolvement of soul. x

  3. This is my favourite poem of yours so far. I LOVE it!!!! Especially "I am searching for the light" and "my way is to follow every dream" So wonderful!

  4. "Against the tide" becomes "with every tide"--very fine use of comparisons.

  5. just the right approach -best wishes -

  6. not takes so much courage to swim against the's really a great inspirational lines...

  7. As they say, the man who is swimming against the stream ..knows his strength!! That's the way to live!! A powerful and a poignant piece. Bravo...liked it a lot!

  8. Staying open to new ideas is what keeps us young. My immediate supervisor and my friend's spouse are the same age and have similar infirmities, but the one who tries new things and gets excited over new ideas looks decades younger.

  9. Great thoughts and well written.

  10. Nice. It's not always good to merely follow the stream, but to swim against it and make discoveries.

  11. It's go with or against - I share your sentiment though it can be a bumpy ride. Really enjoyed the interview thanks so for sharing a bit about you!