Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Pale moon rising

The pale moon rising
I’ll see you again tonight
Our forbidden love

Is the moon our friend
Or a duplicitous sneak
But what do I care?

I'll touch your soft skin
Feel the warmth of your body
So I worry not

But I sense trouble
For a mist clouds your sad eyes
You say not a word

That speaks millions
For this will be the last time
It will be dark soon

Image from www.109.com


  1. It's not the pale moon that excites me. That thrills and delights me, oh no. It's just the nearness of you ;o)

  2. You have such a romantic streak. This is lovely and sad.

  3. You are such a romantic! But this one ends on a bit of a sad note, "For this will be the last time, it will be dark soon." Sigh

  4. This is a very romantic poem. You write this type of poetry very well.

  5. Such hope and love to be extinguished is very sad. Your haiku is a pleasure to read.

  6. Such a beautiful tale of moon-lit romance, illicit affairs, and the inevitable endings. You write these so very well, Old Egg. Thank you for sharing with us at Two Shoes Tuesday.

  7. Somehow, these haiku of yours remind me of 1,000-year-old Japanese short poems. Feelings that the moon is likely to evoke can be universal.

  8. I like this, O.E. Nice and romantic, just having the moon makes it more so. Thank you, I really felt ____ reading this !!

  9. Maybe instead it will forever be bright