Saturday, 29 November 2014

Sweet breezes

The air was still, warm was the sun                     
And sweat in our eyes was no fun                                  
This work now started was quite hard
Picking apples in the orchard
We were gathering the harvest                
But we needed a spot of rest                                

Soon a lunchtime break was called
So our toil was finally stalled                                
We all scattered to find some shade                   
Down to the grove of trees we made                   
A cool stream trickled in that spot                        
Sat down, the days work we forgot                      

We gazed out on the sylvan scene                     
Able to rest from that routine                                 
We ate our fill then cuddled in                             
I bent over and kissed her skin                
What splendor was my view that day                  
Sweet breezes blew her hair astray            

Our joy was sadly brought to nought                  
A rattling bell our labor sought                             
This secular peal was not the tune                     
A real church bell would wed us soon               
But money first we had to gain                          
Before our marriage that was plain                     

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  1. A lovely romantic tale. They say the waiting is the hardest part!

  2. Ahh the "sylvan scene ' stays with me - a joyful write

  3. hmm money.............everything comes down to money sadly

  4. I've done that - picking apples in an an orchard that is!!!

  5. What a lovely story poem. Clever girl.

  6. Delightful poem for a Sunday! Very clever.

  7. When love is in the air, even apple picking becomes romantic. Lovely!

  8. We used to pick our apples and make cider. It was hard work but pleasurable when done as a family together...Thanks for the memories,


  9. It must be true love to work that hard for it. Fruit-picking is no no picnic.

  10. You've outdone yourself with this one! Fab-u-lous!

  11. Plain reason to delay the wed. ... the apple picking reminded me past time ago summer/fall gathering to help with crop...nice scenery.

  12. Lovely, I can feel the warm sunshine :-)