Sunday, 23 November 2014

I can live again

I look at her dance                                                  
Pirouettes of such longing                                    
Memorable moments                                              

Children’s loving hands                                        
Lonely tear spills from my eyes                            
Pride and loneliness                                              

Such stain on my heart                                         
Heart’s sad flutter of regret                        
Cloudy with sorrow                                                 

Fateful decision                                                      
My miserable loneliness                                        
Sad neglected life                                                     

Firm and resolute                                                    
Loving times not forgotten 
I can live again 

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  1. So sad ... and the joy returns ... like the up-lifting ending ...

  2. Loving times not forgotten
    I can live again

    The beauty of relating back to a relationship can evoke great feelings. A loved one will be stuck in memory. Sad but wonderful write oldegg!


  3. Such dancing aching nostalgia - and yet the last line - apparently positive and forward looking.

  4. I love the sense of hope in the last lines. Very well done.

  5. its good that memories can generate for you, hope.
    nice one Robin (oh finally, since i read the interview last week, i can use a name to address you)

    have a lovely Sunday

    much love...

  6. If we live long enough, we all have a few of those kinds of memories stowed away for those rainy days,


  7. I can live again is a powerful affirmation to me, personally. Wonderfully done.