Monday, 3 November 2014

Whisper who dares

Just whisper who dares
no one shall steal you from me
you are so precious

Take hold of my hand
come enter this magic land
close your eyes and breathe

Just what do you feel?
tread on the carpet of soft
scented pine needles

Listen to the call
serenading our coming
by love’s nightingale

I’m made bold by the
babble of encouragement
of the woodland stream

When all’s said and done
there’s no better place than this
to dance with my love

You are in my arms
you have hypnotized me
my woodland goddess

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  1. Your haiku are romantic and beautiful.

  2. A very nice set, O.E. They read so easily. When I finished I was ready to get Mrs. Jim and go dancing in your woodland under the pine trees.

  3. Such a romantic piece and it sets the pace for a lovely stroll among the woods!

  4. Very lovely, Old Egg. I recently published a post containing haiku and I gave your site a shout out in it. I admire the way you can tell a story in several haiku verses.

  5. Woodland that's why you walk in the woods! Nice job on this, so entrancing.

  6. Beautiful and enchanting use of Haiku, Old Egg! I can think of nothing more romantic than a private dance in the company of tree spirits! Lovely contribution to Two Shoes Tuesday, thank you!

  7. Lovely haiku...and so romantic.

  8. Such hypnotic state is lovely!
    Can dance for life :) Very soft & touching!