Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Lost Love

It looked stormy out
but no worse than the thunder
so deep in my heart

“It’s over” she said
The words not unexpected
were still malignant

I thought we had trust
A crucial part of our affair
Clearly I was wrong

Could I recover
from the gnawing yearning pain
of this long lost love?

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  1. it's terrible when two people are on different pages but the heart mends.

  2. Trust is always a problem when it comes to affairs. Lack of it certainly leads to a stormy relationship.

  3. Lost love is oftentimes love that was only one-sided. Good riddance. :-)

  4. You will recover, I would just about guarantee it. Great picture!

  5. never run behind a girl,a bus and a train because one goes comes the another

    Let Children Be Children