Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Cash no longer jingles

What is is it about everyday living?
Makes me think we're near the last days on Earth
Proud to have cash, possessions great life style
But love and empathy there's such a dearth

Everything revolves round mighty dollar
Euro, rouble, pound, rupee, yen or yuan
But trading in these for sheer profit
Causes strife from here to Baluchistan

Cash no longer jingles in our pockets
Every move you take or words that you say
Banks are on it, they've got you covered
Someone makes a note to ensure you pay

Soon you'll find there is but cashless living
Whatever you spend they'll take some extra
For the trouble in holding your account
It is safer with them is their mantra

Once money was for the rich of the world
While us poor ones bartered our lives away
Who wins if banks hold your money for you
They do profit but not much comes your way

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  1. It's true holding real money is a that's too quickly leaving us behind

  2. Money has always been an everyday worry for me--whether I had it or now, when I don't. Of the two, I find my current state of do-able poverty infinitely more relaxing.

  3. I remember how frugally my grandparents, who survived the Depression, lived and often think how disbelieving they would be that houses now cost half a million dollars, cars cost what houses once did, and everyone is scrambling to survive the outrageous cost of living. My grandpa used to do the books for small companies in exchange for whatever they would give him: a sack of coal, a chicken......he had five kids to feed. There was no money anywhere. But life was more decent then and made more sense.

  4. I will trade my life of moderate wealth for living on social security anyday. I scrimp and save and have peace.

  5. I don't miss not having cash in my hand. It's cumbersome. But some like it, and that's fine.

  6. My great grandparents on my fathers' side kept money under their mattresses and in a big box hidden somewhere - truth. All the others were frugal and my grandmother went to the library regularly. Closets had clothes, but not stuffed with them... it was a different time. And money jingled in their pockets and they spent cash - not credit. sigh.

  7. The way they trick us is with the cashless part. We’re doomed in that department!😮

  8. Money is such an part of everyday life. Great examination of it and how it has changed in the modern world. Without it jingling in our pockets I think we do feel disconnected from it.

  9. The satisfying feeling of cash in hand is like the tactile delight of an actual book in the hand. It's especially good for sneaking Starbucks beverages under the radar! :)