Monday, 7 October 2019

Dancing in the dark

But we were just dancing in the dark
Then you didn't want me any more
I cried my eyes out lest we should part
Please, please darling don't show me the door

You sit there and got nothing to say
That's fine let's just snuggle in the dark
Or take a stroll down town together
Even sit by the lake in the park

Please don't be grumpy my dearest love
How about we both cuddle in the flicks
That movie you want to see is on
You have always made the best of picks

See you're smiling, you going to move?
At last you have found your happy spark
What's fancy Oscars night club?
So we'll be just dancing in the dark...

...Suits me baby

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  1. What a wonderful dance - and a great ending too

  2. This reasonates on so many levels!💖 Being in love/relationship is somewhat like dancing .. sometimes we adhere to the rules and sometimes we create our own steps- it's also similiar to finding our way in the dark especially if we are unaware of what the other person thinks of us. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt, Robin 💖

  3. Another sad love story, Robin, with dancing and compromise!

  4. I am glad this couple made it full circle back to dancing together again. I enjoy your love stories, Robin. (Since I live vicariously if, indeed, I live at all, lol).

  5. Love the happy ending... a night filled with dance sounds perfect.

  6. Dancing or cuddling.. hmm???!!!!

  7. Whatever makes her happy, spin the wheel. Of these I'd probably stay sat.

  8. My all time favorite Bruce song! I have twirled to it many times .... I enjoyed your poem.

  9. Happy resolution OE — dont step on each others toes... :-)

  10. sounds like someone does more compromising than the other....

  11. A nice bit of cajoling. Just hope she doesn’t change her mind!

  12. I love your love stories. Glad this one came out good!