Sunday, 27 October 2019

On Struggle Street

Here I am on Struggle Street
I've no money to make ends meet
And ask myself what it all means
Nothing in life is what it seems

Could you spare a dime (or more)
I'll work hard til my hands are sore
Start early until clock chimes six
Tell the truth I'll not play tricks

Straight up honest by design
Dare not with wife and bub of mine
As for conduct I don't do crime
I'll be at work all the time

Probe all you like about my past
I want this job and it to last
I'll be there on site at first light
At your side I'll do things right

Okay, okay! The job is yours
Mind you, It's sack if you give cause
Thank you boss, I won't make a mess
Wife can now buy a new dress

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