Friday, 4 October 2019

The city I love

The sun sets in the city I love
Darkness hides life about us now
As owls and bats skim all about
In dark corner I hear a shout
Is that a rat in narrow alley
I am sure it was he didn't dally

The full moon smirks from its safe place
As call girls show much of their wares
Taxi cabs deliver their rides
As they cross the road with big strides
The girls plead but are brushed away
Long night for them until break of day

The nightclubs are filling up fast
This city like any other
Is now embraced by everyone
Even that guy toting a gun
I drink my coffee in Joes bar
Check driver of that fancy car

Then I hear the tires give a scream
As it takes off swiftly pursued
Is chased down the street to dockside
I leave; stuff ups I can't abide
Flag a cab, must get out of here
Found later in bar drinking beer

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  1. The first stanza paints the picture for me.

  2. This unfolds like an old movie - black and white and crystal clear

  3. This does have a film noir feel to it

  4. This has such a cinematic feel to it, Robin!!❤️

  5. I especially love your first stanza! Wonderful!

  6. Oh for a night on the town. Robin, I lived every line, every rhyme. It reminded me of a GI night alone in Old Juarez, Mecico. Walk or drive across the bridge from ElPaso, Texas. Things aren't like that anymore, I was back in the 60's.

  7. Nice take on the prompt. A scene of clubs, guns, molls. Very much like a movie.

  8. An evocative poem, Robin, with darkness and the seedier side of life. I like that the full moon ‘smirks from its safe place’ and the way the narrator observes it all from the safety of Joe’s bar.

  9. Ah the dark side of the moon. Love it, Robin.

  10. A narrative that is rich with the imagery of city nightlife. Love it!

  11. The darkness of the city seems always to have a ripple of darkness hiding under the glitz

  12. I liked this OE, had an interesting cinematic essence — excellent write!