Saturday, 26 October 2019

The girl with green eyes

I'm deep in the woods
Breathing in its scent
Sat down by the water
As is ripples away
I remember one day

Once we rode horses
Your friend owned them
Before you left me
Deep in the forest
Where we had a rest

We patted their necks
They nodded their heads
One nibbled the grass
Foxes concerned you
Fearing a to do

There was no problem
With their whinny call
Sending firm message
Releasing her fear
She was such a dear

Just where is she now?
It's such a long time
I loved her green eyes
I sit by the stream
Of her I still dream

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  1. This is as romantic and wistful as a fairy story - I hope she returns

  2. Horses and foxes in the forest - how lovely.

  3. Dreams of old flames die hard, don't they?

  4. Dreams keep those good times alive, definitely a wonderful thing. I always enjoy your writing, Robin. You have been a faithful writer and reader for so many example to us really.

  5. She was obviously the one that got away. Thank goodness that we can extract sweet memories from Dreams.

  6. This sounds like such a wonderful dream... but there are always roads diverging.

  7. Romantic and lovely memory Robin!

  8. Green eyes *are* captivating and a bit mystical.

  9. This is so romantic and wistful at the same time, Robin!❤️ Love this!!😃

  10. So tenderly told. Sweet dreams!

    You always create vivid pictures with your words, and tell satisfying stories at the same time. A gift to your readers!

  11. Watch those green eyed girls.

  12. Sad that after all these years you remember her still, in spite of having a wife that you loved.

  13. Ah, indeed, where are they now Robin? I suspect that - after so many years - its probably one of those mysteries that should be filed with the 'gentle kindness' variety. Then again, we never really know, do we ~ smiles ~

  14. I love the way you set the scene in the opening stanza, Robin, with the scent of the woods and rippling water. I'm right there with you. A romantic memory.

  15. such a romantic tale, Robin.
    i read somewhere that green eyes are the rarest colour.
    i guess most of us have memories of 'old flames'.