Monday, 14 October 2019

Thoughts when young

I often sit on our balcony
And watch clouds dash across the sky
Look! They seem to race each other
Just like us sister and brother
Sister sighs and raises her eyes
She's much older and fancies guys

Damn, I wasn't 'spose to tell  you that
So I'll just bend and stroke the cat
Tthere is a girl I like at school
Shouldn't chat, its against the rule
But she sits close makes eyes at me
Think she teases but I'm happy

We both walked home the other day
'Cos she doesn't live far away
We held hands I even kissed her
She's even better than my sister!
I like the way she flicks her hair
Wish I was was a millionaire

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  1. I like this, Robin. My favorite was the "teases". Boys like to be teased, ask me. Boys like to flirt with no strings attached, a return smile will do.

  2. Perhaps you don't need money for the simple pleasures in life

  3. :) "Even better than my sister!" made me laugh. This is really charming and I see it all playing out there on the porch and walking home from school under a bright blue sky. Nice.

  4. This is a sweet tale, Robin. I loved it.

  5. So sweet... that first love always sounds so wonderful and filled with the tiniest sparkle of joy

  6. This has a down-home, little house on the prarie vibe ... nice!

  7. ...that special relationship between brother and sister melts my heart.

  8. and life had its most beautiful simplicity.