Saturday, 19 October 2019

Summer comes early in Oz

It is springtime now in Australia
Koala bears grunt in Eucalypt trees
Blossom falls like confetti down
Ashes from burning off soon will end
Lest wildfires spread over our wide land

"Bring on summer" kids happily say
Whilst Ma clears shelves for bottling ripe fruit
We love the sun but still have a moan
As sun scorches everyone in town
As skin reddens; not beautiful brown

Faces glowing in the brazen sun
Kids all in tears now going back home
We start a sing-song in the packed car
Carpet covered in sand and rubbish
Ma says "Shall we stop for chips and fish?"

That received a quick round of applause
We spot right shop to fill all our needs
So in we go shedding sand and grit
Minus shoes on kids who'd come in too
All happy now on route fifty-two

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  1. Sounds like the perfect day - a little irritation and grit but nicely finished up with fish and chips

  2. Lovely memories, much like some of my own. But the bushfires are already here, in my neck of the woods. Well, not right here I'm, extremely glad to say, but in many surrounding areas over recent weeks. We see the smoke around the horizon.

  3. I assume Route 52 is an iconic route, similar to our Route 66 here in the US. Smiles. There really is something wonderful about setting out on a road trip, isn't there? I have fond memories of my childhood roadtrips with parents as well. A well penned poem!

  4. I love this feeling of being young... those long roadtrips where you always needed a treat to keep happy.

  5. It sounds lovely. I remember how HOT summers were as a kid. Fish 'n chips sounds perfect.

  6. Such nostalgia in this one, Robin! I remember stopping by for fish and chips as well! ❤️

  7. I too wonder what route 52 was like, as we have route 66 here. It's fall here and winter will soon arrive. Enjoyed your memory.

  8. Well Mary and Truedessa I am afraid I must disappoint you as my route 52 merely rhymes with 'too' in previous line. However if you need something better to explain it there is a route 52 in Queensland that runs from Childers to Ban Ban Springs in north east Australia.

  9. Loved your memory. Sounds like trips when I was a child. We didn't do fish and chips, instead did barbecue sandwiches and banana pudding.

  10. Oh, Robin, what a wonderful picture you paint of summer with details that I imagine touch all of our memories.

  11. Oh how the heat of summer is bitter sweet. A great memory brought to life Robin.

  12. You are truly masterful at capturing and sketching idyllic memories. Though I have never been to 'Oz' I can visualize that wonderful outing.

  13. Yes, summer is coming. Mixed feelings.