Wednesday, 23 October 2019

I am sorry

I am sorry you died before me
I can still remember you saying
Such a very long, long time ago
You and your sister planned it all out
That once me and her husband died
That both of you would live together
In a house by the sea hearing the tide

I thought it was such a good idea
You had been so close when you were young
But sadly though that never took place
You both skipped off just a year apart
Leaving us husbands the ones that cried
Having to cook our meals just like you
Coping with old age all blurry eyed

I forgive you for that dearest one
For I now cook, clean and tidy up
And yes, I make the bed and change sheets
Plus vacuum the carpet every week
I do all the things you used to do
But what I miss these days most of all
Is being cuddled up at night with you

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  1. What a touching poem - the sense of loss is evident but in an almost comforting way as you still have her by your side

  2. An absolutely loving tribute to your wife and her sister. It's never easy managing with how the fate of life may work out. I'm sure your wife would be so proud of how you are attending to those daily tasks, whilst still thinking of her and your sadness with the reality. I'm certain you are forgiven...

  3. A sad poem, Robin. The best laid plans…

  4. There is a touch of sweetness all around. Deeply touching.

  5. How wonderful to be able to dialogue with someone you love still.
    This is beautiful, Robin. I'm sure she misses those moments too.

  6. Swoon! Such love to say sorry and miss you and "I forgive you" too!

  7. So sweet and yet, melancholy. You miss her so much and still you communicate to her. I find that touching and lovely.

  8. Oh, the two husbands, missing their dear wives. This is a lovely poem, Robin. She would be proud of you, I know.

  9. I have always looked forward to your romantic sagas. I missed reading you so much. Im still not back to normal internet blogging.
    Luv this poem


  10. Father-in-law got his wish. He passed away first. This poem is very endearing...

  11. This is a beautiful thought for someone you miss dearly. "I'm sorry for your loss," doesn't seem enough.

  12. Life for the person left behind after a long relationship can be so hard.... nicely put, Robin.

  13. It must be terribly hard for the one left behind.Keep busy.

  14. Being left behind is one of life's bitterest events.