Friday, 11 October 2019

I held her just one time

When I was a teen
Or something in between
But growing, becoming aware
Of girl sitting in a chair
Feeling her warmth close by
Oh those days long gone by

She was quite cute
Even described as beaut
I lked the way she flicked her hair
Just waiting there in that chair
Eyes lowered as she sat
I must sit, have a chat

And so I did
She smiled at me that kid
We talked. I asked for a dance
Knowing others now did glance
She nodded, held my hand
Danced around to the band

I felt so proud
Wanted to shout out loud
Dancing with her was a delight
For this girl was dynamite
She was just so sublime
I held her just one time


  1. Oh shucks, Robin, I was thinking that she was going to be the bride here. Nice poem, nice rhyme.
    Reminded me of my younger days at the dance hall, where singles sat in chairs placed around the room. "May i have this dance, please?"
    An aside, I tell people that if I outlive Mrs. Jim i will take up being a "single's professional dance partner" on cruise ships. I would only a few more dance lessons once more for doing that.

  2. Maybe once is better than not certainly makes for a sweet memory

  3. This really is lovely. I can see that girl in the chair and the impact her presence has on the writer, and others.

  4. This would make such s great song! I love the ending. :)

  5. This reminds me of the movie, Grease😊. Sweet memories.

  6. That's kind of a sad ending, but you did a good job making it surprising!

  7. One golden moment can be worth a great deal.