Tuesday, 15 October 2019

The food we eat

When we were cavemen in a cave
To find our food we were brave
We had to stalk furry friends
With tools and some odds and ends

Such as club made from a tree
Or spear, near by best not be
I'd prefer noose or trap
As prey was not happy chap

It all seems so simple now
Don't need to kill pig or cow
But visit our butcher man
For prewrapped cut set to scan

Remember when fruit we'd feel
Was it ripe or a bad deal?
Now it's all in plastic wrap
Touch the fruit you get a slap

Now warnings are on each pack
It's your fault if sense you lack
Recall as kids years ago
Raw fruit and veg? Go, go, go!

Image found at https://pixabay.com/photos/norwich-city-market-stall fruit-2830011/


  1. Haha! I'm glad you got these changes into a poem. What a difference in hunting and gathering a few years make (in places with grocery stores)!

  2. Makes us crave for past gone days when food was real not all wrapped in plastic

  3. If the furry ones are friends, why do people stalk them?

  4. Plumpish, curly-haired, bespectacled lady wearing purple poncho ... how did you get this picture of me???

  5. Which is why I only go to farm stands, local. You did give us a fun ride in a grocery on this one!

  6. Ha, and the way livestock bred for meat are treated is even more barbaric than what the cavemen did. I hate everything wrapped in plastic. You captured all of this well in your poem.

  7. A wonderful message wrapped in your poem SO true The cavemen had the food right. Let's learn from them

  8. Very changed times and ways of getting our food. Supermarket life offers most of us, what they determine is good for us!!
    You are right about not being able to fully examine, or select the goods we would want to purchase...

  9. Ha, in reality humans did not change. No evolution really. The same hunger for the 'furry friends' remains even today. Well captured.