Monday, 28 October 2019

Round in circles

I am going round in circles
That's good the planet does too
No wonder the way we treat it
It gives to us with richness
We treat it with bitchiness

We burn the forests, foul the seas
The ice caps melt and whales mourn
Wild animals starve, best in zoos?
Extract the oil and iron ore
Both are bad so what the hell for?

No good remembering the past
For as kids we were at war
Sadly no lesson this taught us
We must have loved them, they've not ceased
But still our numbers have increased

The fault sadly is in the stars
Just wait I think it should be ours!
World leaders are weak as piss
We're still keen to buy our next cars
While others plan their lives on Mars

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  1. Our reality is not without hope... I hope.

  2. Your poem resonates with me, my friend. I guess we have to look to the young to save us - they havent sold their souls yet.

  3. It's becone a scary world Some of this have been singing your song for quite some time but 'they' won't listen. Most still do not even now.

  4. Beautiful.

  5. It does feel like an endless cycle at times - i hope the stars come out

  6. So is the image of the world that we live in. Succinctly said!

  7. As kids we were at war.... Now the battlegrounds are undefined but the battles continue.

  8. Not all of us older people have sold our souls.
    Sometimes it is to listen and learn from the young folks. We fight our battles every day, don't we?

  9. This is deeply poignant, Robin! We live in hope.. ❤️

  10. I wonder how we can ever learn... the only thing we can do is to wait and do our best.